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We clearly specialize, acting in areas of law our lawyers represent, only in order for our services for you to be exceptional, top quality, for solutions to be non-standard, so that they could lead to joint achievement of your pre-determined goals.


Following the main focus of ZETA LAW on management of internal and external crises of companies and dispute resolution, we offer our clients services in the following areas:

Dispute resolution

ZETA LAW team represented clients in over 6,000 lawsuits and is proud of having a great record in one of its major practice areas – dispute resolution. Lawyers of the partnership have modified or formed case law for a great number of times in cases having big significance for the legal system. Representing clients in cases, we never forget our main principle – to focus on the client’s ultimate goal and to be as time and cost effective as possible.

Our experience helps clients to solve disputes in the following areas:

  • In arbitration. ZETA LAW advocates specialise in representing clients’ interests in permanent arbitration institutions or ah hoc arbitration processes. Due to their professional competence, ZETA LAW advocates are appointed as arbitrators in various arbitration processes.
  • In civil disputes. ZETA LAW has experience of representing clients’ interests in almost 6,000 civil disputes in courts of all instances, forming favourable case law on a number of occasions. Clients appreciate us for always innovative attitude to process handling, aimed not at a long process but at fast and effective achievement of the desired result. Our lawyers, using high competence in litigation, in negotiations with counterparties and perfect insights, ensure particularly high client satisfaction in the main area of our activities.
  • In administrative disputes. In administrative disputes, ZETA LAW lawyers solve complicated issues our clients face due to constantly changing requirements set in laws, rules, procedures and permits. We represent clients not only in litigation, but also in negotiations with state authorities, organisations, agencies in order to facilitate fast or amicable solution of problems.
  • Financial crimes. We have experience defending both natural persons and legal entities in complicated financial, economic and other white collar crime cases. We represent our clients regarding imposition of procedural coercion measures by state authorities and compensation for damage caused by it. Our lawyers perfectly understand the operating principles not only of courts but also of public prosecution offices, other law enforcement authorities, therefore they can react promptly and solve clients’ problems.

Valdemaras Stančikas
Managing partner, advocate
Ph. +37065210470
Company law and regulation

Specialising in company law for a number of years, we helped our clients to solve various issues in this area starting with day-to-day corporate law services ending with the most complicated company restructuring processes or full representation in over 400 bankruptcies. The team of the partnership took part in many processes of manufacturing, trade and service companies in order to handle their activities as effectively as possible. Our activities in this area include:

  •  Reorganisation, bankruptcy, liquidation. It is one of the main areas ZETA LAW specialises in. Therefore, during the years that the firm exists, its lawyers have successfully represented interests of debtors, creditors, shareholders of companies in bankruptcy, their heads and bankruptcy administrators in over 400 bankruptcy processes. Our opponents are major Lithuanian and foreign companies, credit institutions and state authorities. In all cases, having very huge experience in this area, we offer clients plans of action that are exceptional in the market and successfully implement them acting together.
  • Restructuring. We understand that any company may face temporary financial difficulties, therefore our complex assistance in meeting such challenges helps to find solutions how to protect, maintain and continue clients’ businesses.
  • Competition. Understanding that unfair competition becomes ever more fierce and its increasing consequences encourage clients to take various measures, our team first of all advises clients in the area of competition prevention and, if necessary, ensures legal representation in case of infringements of regulation in this area.
  • Corporate governance. We provide legal services to company shareholders in connection with organisational structure of companies held by them, issues of liability of governing bodies, insurance. Our lawyers help clients in day-to-day issues of drafting corporate documents and implementation of internal corporate policies.
  • Mergers and acquisitions. We help our clients in various stages of (including preparation for) acquisition, sale or merger transactions, drafting necessary documents, performing legal due diligence, providing consultations on transaction structuring and closing. In this area, we advise clients on issues of implementation of joint venture operational strategies.
  • Labour law. ZETA LAW lawyers help Lithuanian and foreign capital companies to form and implement internal policies on labour law issues from proper formalisation of employment relationships to representation in labour disputes or in relations with trade unions. Lawyers of our team represented interests of both employers’ and employees’ organisations for a number of times in disposal, reorganisation or privatisation of companies.
  • Protection of personal data. Taking into account the changing regulations related to the General Data Protection Regulation, we provide clients with legal assessment of compliance with the requirements of the Regulation, preparation of the necessary documents and consultations related to the application of these documents.


Jonas Bložė
Partner, advocate
Ph. +37061402495
Trade and commercial activities

Lawyers in trade and commercial practice area regularly advise local and foreign clients in conducting various trade, manufacturing or services transactions. Understanding that only deep knowledge of a specific field saves time and ensures quality services, we are proud of being able to offer our expertise in transport and logistics, advertising, mass media, alcohol and tobacco, gaming or public procurement.

  • Trade and commercial contracts. We understand that content of contracts should not obstruct usual cooperation of business partners but help to agree simply and fast. Therefore, advising both major companies and start-ups on various trade issues and transactions conducted in their commercial activities, we draft and monitor performance of contracts so that the client would be happy both with the final result and the very business process.
  • Transport and logistics. One of the leading practice areas in the partnership is advising transport and logistics companies that includes carriage of goods by road, sea, air or railway, we also advise on storage of goods, customs procedures. We offer our clients qualified services in connection with acquisition, lease or disposal of transport infrastructure.
  • Advertising law, regulation of alcohol and tobacco substances. We represent and advise manufacturing, trade and advertising companies operating in the areas of alcohol and tobacco products on acquisition, storage, labelling, carriage, marketing and advertising of alcohol and tobacco products. We represent natural persons and legal entities on issues of liability for infringements of the Law on Alcohol Control and the Law on Control over Tobacco, Tobacco Products and Related Products.

Jonas Bložė
Partner, advocate
Ph. +37061402495
Real estate and construction

ZETA LAW lawyers during many years of practice advised clients both in times of economic boost and economic crisis, therefore we have a lot of experience advising clients how to take long-term and sustainable decisions in real estate and construction areas. We advise how to acquire, plan, construct, develop, lease or sell real estate.

  • Real estate investments and transactions. We advise natural persons and legal entities that invest into industrial, commercial and residential real estate and construction sector, builders, contractors, property buyers, tenants and landlords. We advise on various real estate management and regulation aspects. We ensure protection of investments by real estate mortgage or restructuring.
  • Construction and development. Representing builders or contractors, our lawyers get knowledgeable about and understand important aspects of risks for and value sought by counterparties, therefore in drafting of documents and in negotiations they pay their entire attention namely to achievement of these goals. We advise on preparation of construction sites, territory planning, environment protection requirements and obtaining of construction permits.
  • Public-private partnerships. ZETA LAW lawyers represented clients in preparation of a number of successful public-private partnership projects. In this area, we cooperate with clients in public and private sectors, state or municipal policy makers and legislators in order to ensure smooth transparent reputation process for our clients.

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