About us


ZETA LAW seeks to establish long-term sustainable relationship with its clients, offering exceptional services and strategic decisions oriented towards maintenance and development of your business.

Since 2005 the team of ZETA LAW has been focused on its key direction – management of internal and external crises of companies and dispute resolution. Our clients say that we are their reliable, understanding partner and achieve that our services make it possible for our clients to get advantage against their competitors and opponents. Our operation is exceptional, we look for original solutions and think differently, in all cases we find and implement innovative legal and business solutions, which ensure legal safety of our clients and active assistance in the most difficult moments.

We clearly specialize, operating in the areas of law that our lawyers represent only in order for our services for you to be exceptional, top quality, for solutions to be non-standard so that they could lead to joint achievement of your pre-determined goals.

We are recommended because

Our clients are persons who mostly took recommendations of our present clients, who know what to expect from their legal advisors and are sure that their assignments to us will be properly fulfilled. We successfully represent major Lithuanian and foreign companies, also medium and small businesses as we perfectly understand that complexity of clients’ issues and their solutions are not limited in size.


In order to achieve your goals ZETA LAW team works:

Focusing on client’s expectations

We must understand your true needs and intentions and act in that direction only

For achievement of the client’s ultimate goal

We understand that you want a useful result, not legal processes

Providing exceptional services

We look for and propose to you only non-standard solutions of your issues, understanding that in modern situations only those, who think and act “out of the box”, win

Understanding that services must be in line with their price

We aim that a client would be aware of possible investments into legal services in advance, adequately planning his resources

For the client’s loyalty and reputation

Our team acts exclusively in client’s interests, always avoiding any conflict of interest, which enabled us to preserve good professional reputation throughout all our working years

Making use of all external resources

Seeking that a client would get top quality services including not only direct legal consultations, we closely cooperate with reliable partners – bankruptcy administrators, patent attorneys, notaries public, bailiffs or advocates with exceptional specializations, whom we have selected in a number of years

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